During a time when many in the industry looked down upon shooting with video instead of film, a groundbreaking discovery in the entertainment industry led Anna M. Cordova and her former business partner Robert A. Faber to found FILMLOOK Inc. Their patented invention did just that, initially drawing in clients that were thinking outside the box. Today, FILMLOOK is a household name in the entertainment industry for being on the cutting-edge of technology.

FILMLOOK provides full, post production services, including audio post, color grading, online and offline editorial, encoding, D cinema packaging, Blu-ray and DVD mastering, closed captioning, duplication, and quality control. Their projects have included theatrical features and trailers, television series and miniseries, TV specials, documentaries, music videos, short forms, commercials, and special segments for top rated networks.

As the co-founder and recently appointed president, Anna’s expertise lies within the strategic marketing of the company, along with building the clientele relationships locally, nationally, and internationally. In the past few years these skills have translated to an online presence maintaining a blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other media accounts. Many people recognize Anna as the face of FILMLOOK. As a woman in a man’s industry, Anna has learned how to be more assertive and also has learned the technical aspects needed to empower herself.

When Anna started the company 28 years ago, both she and Robert were new to the entertainment business. As unknown newcomers, they were telling the industry that they knew a better way to compete with filmmakers in the market. Getting their foot in the door and making a name for themselves, however, was a bigger challenge that they initially expected, but it ultimately contributed to their success in becoming a household name.

FILMLOOK's acceptance into the television entertainment industry, for Anna, officially came in 1992 when she and her partner received an honorary Emmy from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development.

Anna is a member of the American Film Institute, National Association of Professional Women, and Women in Film. Through services provided by FILMLOOK, Anna has donated to various non-profit organizations that have film projects, including Make a Film Foundation, The National Women’s History Museum, The Legal Aid Foundation, and Dancing with N.E.D. Anna continues to provide guidance and service to young independent filmmakers who want the best look for their projects at an affordable budget and reach new benchmarks in the industry.

In addition to FILMLOOK Inc, Anna is the president and co-owner of her production and distribution company, FILMLOOK Media Group (FMG). She has acted as a producer on three feature films and is slated to produce on several more. FMG is in the process of partnering with several production companies and individual investors to begin producing their own content as well including feature films, television series, and animation.

A graduate of California Polytechnic State University-Pomona, Anna resides in California and loves visiting museums and entertainment venues. She enjoys traveling, nature, and learning about different genres of music. Branching out her creativity, Anna has published a book consisting of 68 poems and haikus, called The Flight Within, and she soon hopes to start producing podcasts for her poetry and other writings. Anna has a second book in the works, called Taking Flight, which will explore other parts of her life, including her flight with FILMLOOK.