Written by Frank H. Gawin, MD

A singular historical essence suffused all spiritual traditions today held as great - a new insight once near-simultaneously became universally manifest among advanced ancient cultures with such incredible novelty as to empower and herald a wondrous shock. In ancient times in all forbears of our now richly enduring and long-continuous cultures, in times of savage norms devoid of the merciful, there appeared a replacement of violence, of hate and of the endless serial retaliations of rage, revenge and war - the conceptual tools that knew only the force of suffering was supplanted by a new and radical message of absolute negation of acts of harm or violence, and, indeed, of all antipathy. In all parts of our world, in all regions that were to endure and become the life-springs of our great modern cultures, there emanated a divine new exposition revealing a new omnipresence in consciousness. New consciousness appeared heralding always a pure and wondrous love, kindness and harmony - always to the furthest possible extent that could be conceived within awed minds and virgin souls that never before were allowed the luxury of a reality of loving hearts. Ringing anthems of great good will sung out. New ways of fellowship were not only exclaimed but projected with so great and intensely they would fly through communities and elevate whole continents in ubiquitous new spiritualities. This ever-transcending revolution of consciousness lept beyond any imaginable ascent of thought and feeling; never previously allowed by their forefathers times, their cultures, or by anything ever promulgated ever before among their storied histories or ageless traditions or of any possible prior imagining. There emanated from throughout all seeming heavens to the broadest vista’s across all known time and space, a communal interconceptualization of a new norm embodying brilliance to which all could aspire - brilliant illuminations of heart and minds bringing unending cascades of kindness to enable loving harmonies in which all souls served all others, to ascend in common to a new apex, to generate foundations of societies of love in which all were provided succor, and this brilliance unending began an end beyond time, where all were paramount, and none were ever to regress serve but one.

Supremely important, these staggering new conceptions created very dangerous, new domains of thought. They tore apart extant hierarchies of power long sustained by the sword and flames without limit to enable perpetual saturation of early societies in suffering, torture and enslavement. Omnipresent pain of prior persecution lost their impact in the face of great new founts of harmony. All these harmonies of grace were forcefully accelerated through ancient societies by previously unimaginable new actions - searing actions of great new human courage abounding in every exquisite denial of the violent, in ubiquitous exclamation of humanitarian beauty that accepted the new thought and that were uniformly made magnificent through all cultures to become the ultimate foundations of all, of all spiritual ascension. These were the uniform message and actions of all the great prophets of our legacy of human spirituality - whether the Buddha, Jesus or Mohammed, or the Hebrew prophets, or the sages of the Upanishades and Veda’s - all in their original expositions lit flames building new traditions of love and care for all - they were uniform not only in harmony and loving goodwill to all, but were complemented by continuous aid of the spirit without limit, whether by prayer, meditation or contemplation, or by acts of self-sacrifice, or acts of courage, or by rituals in consolidation of gratitude, worship and remembrance; well were spirit-filled to perpetuate repetitions of loving, magnification of care, and feasts of fellowship and communal support, with unending moments, generation upon generation of maturing kindness, bounteous mercy, enduring forgiveness, and endless acts the simplest unexpected kindness and care.

All promise still, but where does their great power now lay? Is it dead, or simply in abeyance, awaiting rediscovery to emerge again in great power? There is much that has been learned by commonalities in the structures, messages, and transformations of the great traditions.

Beyond simplicity itself, the message of loving kindness is beyond transmutation.

Unchanged, it still envelopes all in the harmony of all.

Disharmonies of religion, too, are omnipresent in our current times, and to our great fortune are revealed absolutely naked and starkly self-evident, by simple attention to history. Why are there now so many differences in the spiritual traditions now turned into religious edifices; not only into differences between religions but into endless differences their adherents generate into endless sects and separations, as in each over long time has been subjected to adherents, and each one of these has demanded their certainty of rectitude be actualized. In so doing, each has cut, and together they have murdered the message, if not the being, of their beloved originating prophets.

In fundament and foundations, all great spiritual paths began with love above all else, with highest power, with surrender, with sacrifice, with kindness, with giving and forgiving, with fellowship and worship, with deep love of all persons without exception, and most important of all, with understanding, always, the love of greatest love.

These all remain, unhidden, intact, brilliance poised to explode, awaiting only understanding.

All that is essential, is so simple, so little to be so great, and is the same in all.

Understanding what it is that will preclude recapitulation of injury to harmony and most absolute, how harmony, over and again, has been lost, remains crucial.

This too, is simple. Differences brought by detail, seeking to add, instead detract.

Enough, and they destroy.

Dogma was originally a term in Christianity that defined what was thought most important. So important, that no deviation or exception could be allowed.

Today it has a different common meaning, slowly gained through almost immeasurable time. Dogma’s define the differences between religions.

If held, they separate spiritualities - meditation in the East means that which is called contemplation in the West.

Long unrecognized - long they precluded one speaking to other with understanding.

Gleaming edifices, magnificence brimming, are everywhere devoid of their harmony.

Simply, in dogmas, all spirituality is lost. Harmony evaporates. Kindness dissipates. Love ceases it’s flow - all is desanctified.

To know this process completely, is harmony’s sole demand, and thus our soul’s deepest new demand of us.

- the end for now -