"Our Three Pietàs for Pakistan project utilizes one of the World's greatest artistic pieces in a fervent effort to make a difference in the creation of interreligious and intercultural harmony and brotherhood. The Pietà of Michelangelo is the art work. It is provided through Arte Divine in exclusive license from the Vatican Observatory Foundation and the Medici as a gift of the spirit to our struggling world, a gift in the most wonderful form, of full replication of the masterpiece in its original marble form for placement in the most prominent Catholic Cathedrals and academic institutions of East and West. 

The donation of these invaluable reproductions will provide essential material support to extant efforts devoted to enabling society to harmonize the essential love within this work of the art; through the support that your donations to Three Pietàs for Pakistan will provide to build foundations in fundamental efforts now underway that bridge the ancient and modern, the Christian and Islamic, the spiritual and the scientific, the artistic and technological."

                                                                                                                                                                    ​- FRANK HENRY GAWIN, MD

Three Pietàs for Pakistan